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Our managerial staff and experienced personnel will assess your property and security needs pointing out vulnerabilities. Our thorough recommendation assessment report will outline each and every point of vulnerability with recommendation of correction. Our consultant service includes security camera placement and installation and liaison with the local Police and Fire departments in the area. The services that we provide in this area are honest and fair to maximize your profits and keeping loses to a bare minimum. We will personally design a security program that is best for you.

Under our church security consultation services, we are able to train and establish a church security program that is feasible and practical to both the Senior Pastor and congregants without disruption of services. We are sensitive to the needs of the Pastor and senior leadership and all consideration is taken into account while achieving the primary goal of the protection of the Spiritual Leader, The Congregants and The Place of Worship. The training/consultation includes strategy sessions with the Senior Pastor and leadership and as well as with the security team. Scenario based training is included.

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